Depression and High School Seniors

This article courtesy of the Australia site,

NOTE: The articles uses some terminology that may not be familiar to US readers. The article is talking about 12th grade high school seniors.


MORE than 20 per cent of female HSC students have severe depression and suffer from stress, while 30 per cent show symptoms of acute anxiety, new figures reveal.

An alarming number of year 12 students are breaking down in psychological distress in their final year of school as they prepare to sit their final exams, News Limited reports.

More than 11 per cent of year 12 boys are seriously anxious, 18.3 per cent are stressed and 15 per cent acknowledge they are depressed, new research by Flinders University School of Psychology shows.

Students exhibit a range of symptoms such as awareness of their heart activity when at rest, trembling hands, panic, lack of motivation and even feeling that their life is meaningless.

Researchers have separated out the impact of exams on students’ psychological health.

More than 53 per cent of male students and more than 60 per cent of female students attribute most of their stress to final year exams.

Dr Julie Robinson from the Flinders School of Psychology said researchers found a “significant number of boys and girls” had levels of stress, anxiety and depression – far more in the HSC year than in year 11.

“These are alarming numbers… some young people have six times the range of clinical stress that you would expect,” she said.

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