Keep Your Eyes on the Problem Solver

I just turned listened to the news. More and more I find myself needing to pray after listening to the economic woes of the world, increasing rise in diseases and crime rates. This morning I thought about a time in Chicago:

My husband and his brother and wife thought it would be great fun for us to go to the top of the Sears Tower. My husband knows I cannot tolerate heights but I didn’t want to spoil their ‘fun.’

When we got out of the elevator at the top of the ‘world’ I looked out of the window ahead of me and almost had a panic attack. So, I hugged the wall to stay away from the windows and at all cost avoid looking down to the streets below. I was laughed at by my family and begged to come to the windows…but I only looked at my sure foundation…the floor!

We are living in difficult days with diverse problems in our lives. I believe we need to choose to remember that everything created was created by God…even us. John 1:1-3

God created everything that exists in this physical world. IT ALL BELONGS TO HIM. Really, we own nothing. He is gracious, loves us and has allowed us to be stewards of small things and great things…caretakers of His possessions.

I once lived like so many Christians…under the assumption that I owned my house, their car, my business and other things. When I understand that I was only a steward, caretaker of God’s possessions my attitude changed: I took better care of all I was allowed to be in charge of, I held it very loosely and I more easily shared it.

We can focus on the problem or we can focus on Christ, our problem solver. Remember the story of Peter walking on the water after Jesus bid him to come? Even though the wind whipped up a stormy sea, Peter walked toward Jesus ‘on the water.’ When Peter began to look at the stormy sea, what happened. He began to sink. When he again focused on Christ, he was lifted up out of the stormy seas and walked back to the boat with Jesus ‘The Storm Calmer.’

Has God has given us a spirit of fear? No, he has given us a sound mind. Fear of financial ruin, loosing our home, our retirement, our job, etc. is the enemy’s way of diverting our attention from Christ to the stormy sea. We need to practice putting our eyes, our ears, our full focus on Jesus, look full upon His wonderful and beautiful face. He will lead us through every valley…maybe not in the way WE think, but in the best way for our good. –- Sharon Merhalski

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