Domestic Violence Against Men

I just posted a permanent page of links to several studies and articles about domestic violence with women as the perpetrator. After extensive scientific study, all of these have come to the same general conclusion that women are just as likely as men to be the perpetrator of domestic violence.

Women appear to have a lower tendency to become batterers or to engage in life-threatening violence. But they are just as likely, perhaps even more likely, to push, shove, yell, scream, punch, throw things, call names, and engage in other forms domestic violence.

~~ Danni


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  1. Hello Danni,

    I want to thank you for sharing information about domestic violence against men with those who read this blog. As the founder of a non profit agency that specializes in offering supportive services to that particular group of victims your assistance in spreading the word means a lot.
    If you would like links to more articles about this issue please feel free to email me at:
    Public awareness that both men and women are victims and perpetrators is key if we as a society are to protect and save children from the devastating effects of domestic violence.

    Thanks again,
    Jan Elizabeth Brown, Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

  2. Some domestic violence cases comes from situations where there are real problems present with dangerous individuals. However, as unfortunate as it sounds, many DV accusations are unfounded, illegal, and stem from disputes in relationships where one person calls the police on another person out of spite, revenge, or in the heat of an argument. Domestic violence charges initiate from spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, even family members or your roommate. The crime involves violence between anyone who lives in the same house together or who has ever lived in the same house.

    Even if the person who filed the report shows up to court to ask that the charges be dropped against their spouse or significant other, some judges may throw the person asking for the charges to be dropped in jail for filing a false police report, others may allow the case to be dismissed by the request of an attorney.

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